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Automation Testing

Test automation enhances the speed and efficiency of the testing process, reduces the test cycle time and increases the test coverage which are opposed to manual testing. The test scripts are reused in test automation which is cost-effective and increases the productivity, accuracy and reliability.

The popular testing tools and test frameworks are used by our test engineers to develop test scripts at a minimal time. Also our test engineers are expertise in various programming languages and open source technologies to develop custom test frameworks to meet the demands of our customers and test their products effectively.

Our test automation services are provided for all types of testing and all products from diverse industries around the world. As we are always fine tuning our testing methodologies and new custom frameworks to improve the quality, our collaboration with our customers are leading to long term relationship. Our test automation engineers always delivers the best in the industry.

Technical Expertise

Benefits of Automation Testing



As automated tests are run by tools, they run much faster when compared to manual testing which save time.



The testing tools are flexible to match the future testing specifications and can program sophisticated tests that bring hidden information.



Repeated, constant and systematic automated analysis helps in the deliverance of excellent quality software.



There is no human factor – performing the same operation each time they run and thereby eliminating human error.



Test automation service increases test coverage whereby testers can create a test suite with tests to cover every feature of the application.



Tests can be re-used on different versions of the software. Our QA team is expertise in building test suites using popular programming languages and tools.

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